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Surprise your dear partner, sister, mother or co-worker and present her with a set of crazy scented candles and the most feminine planner in December. 

The candle
is the work of a couple who work under the name Hell of a smell. The basic scent of all volcanoes is tea tree essential oil. Tea tree is an antiseptic known for its beneficial properties: it cleans the air, strengthens the body's natural resistance and has a positive effect on our well-being. All candles are made of natural palm wax and are friendly to the environment, people and animals. You can choose between scents: orange & cinnamon or wild cherry. 

The earrings with the snowflake motif are our work. They are made of black plexiglass on a stainless steel base and are a great addition to any outfit. With their special dedication on the card, they are the ideal gift - for you or for your loved one - a friend, colleague, partner, mother, mother-in-law, sister ... You can choose between two ready-made inscriptions or invent your own (if it is short enough) .

You can also choose gift wrapping for the gift set. The set will be so neatly and carefully wrapped in brown wrapping paper, enriched with green and red ribbon. We will also add a decorative tag for the name (if desired, we can also print it out manually). This way, your gift will be ready to be placed under a spruce tree or sent directly to the recipient's address.

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