Set #half-year STUDENT

Set #half-year STUDENT

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Your ultimate organising set - planner #half-year and a bunch of stickers and timetables & bookmarks ♥

#polovička = #half-year (SLO/ENG) is an elegant bilingual planner for all busy women in any age range. It

is intentionally designed to be simple but still attractive. Its pages serve every day’s fresh beginning.

Why #half-year? As you can see, the planner has two covers. In fact, it’s split in half so you can

concentrate on the first six months. When the time comes to turn the page, you, for practical reasons,

flip the planner around. This way you spend less time browsing for the right day and rather spend it on

planning and motivation for the other six months.

Although #half-year is a planner it is not time-dictated. No dates are entered, so thanks to the included

date-stickers you can start using it whenever you want, by entering the dates yourself. You can also skip

a month if you decide to take a break. Use the stickers to plan each separate month, which is (by the

way) printed on thicker paper, so you can easily locate it. You will find them in two handy flaps on the

insides of the covers. There are also other goodies included, such as an additional index with calendars

and holidays of different countries.

Read more about the planner #half-year here.

Size 20 x 27 x 2,3 cm (L x H x D)
Specifics in the making
Binding spiral with hard covers and added gold printing

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