Valentine's set Heart

Valentine's set Heart

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For this special day, 3 creative women steped together and created a 3-part gift set, that will warm the heart of every woman, be her your partner, friend, wife, coworker, mother, grandmother, neighbour ... Donna Blima, me and Katarina Koncrete, each with her talent and skill, prepared a handy travel case made of felt, that hides on its inside a mirror that is also an earing holder and on it there is a pair of lovabale concrete earings and a special engraving - You are beautiful!

The set includes:

  • Travel case made of felt
  • Mirror that is also an earing holder
  • Concrete earings (on a stainless steel base)
  • Loving engraving - You are beautiful!

Size 9 cm x 6 cm (approximately)

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