Notepad "My Shopping"

Notepad "My Shopping"

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"Shopping is my favourite task!"
Does it go the same for you? Of course, you are a real Baeba ;)

"My shopping" is a 50 sheet notepad for shopping planning - be it a Saturday grocery shopping or a shopping for a whole new spring wardrobe collection. This way you will always buy everything that you need (and more). We all know how it is when you forget the thing that you went to the store for in the first place because we are absent-minded, overburdened or madly in love :D This notepad is a great kitchen helper, because you can write down everything during the week and fill the list until Saturday comes and you have to go shopping, or maybe visit the pharmacy, post office ...   

Every Baeba would agree to this: "I could give up shopping but I am not a quitter!"

P.s.: you can simply tear off the sheet and give the list to your dear when he goes to wash his car and you drink your deserved Saturday coffee ;)

Size 10 x 15 cm (L x H)
Specifics in the making
Sheets 50 sheets

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