Delivery Information

Care for packages

Al the orders are carefully packed in our little work cabinet, which is sometimes so full of boxes we can hardly reach the working desk. We carefully selected the boxes for your order. We always ad a little thank you note in the box and get sure that it includes everything you ordered and that the items are in perfect state. But in the end, we are still only humans (sometimes very tired ones) and it can happen that we missed something. In that case, please do let us know immediately.


We do our best, so that the packages leave our »office« as soon as possible. Sometimes we manage that on the same day we receive the payment (that means you did it just the right moment). Sometimes life just happens and it takes a bit longer. We always try to make it in the promised time. If you don't receive the package in time, please let us know, so we can check if we missed something.


The packages are delivered by Pošta Slovenije. You will receive your tracking number so you will be able to see where your order is. It takes longer around the holidays, especially at Christmas time, so keep that in mind when buying presents.

Delivery time

The order processing time is 1-2 working day after we receive the order (this is the time we need for order and payment review). Shipment time is 5-12 working days (this is the time we need for preparing and packing your order and drive it to the post office). With customized products (engraving on the plexiglass in the planner, t-shirts and baby bodies, ... ) the shipment time extends for 3 days. The delivery time depends very much of the country of the recipient.