The story about Baeba Part 1

The story about Baeba Part 1

How did the Baeba story start?

There were two young women drinking coffee and there was and idea.

For real? There we were Ana & Kristina. We were coworkers in a marketing agency and we both left the job. So we were sitting at Kristina's, on a sunny afternoon in September 2014, drinking coffee and chatting, when an idea struck - why don't we make our own planner for women. Why not? We left our job, but we both had our own companies (we had to in order to work in the agency) and we were the perfect creative duo - one a marketing expert and the other one a graphic designer.

So where to start? We had nothing but an idea.

So we started a Facebook page, which was also our first selling tool. And we started a search for someone mad enough to accept to print our planners - we are speaking about the fact that it was already September and all we had was an idea. We had no clue about which materials we would use, the number of pages our planners will have, we had no design whatsoever ...

And most important - we had no public to address. So we also had to decide , how are we going to address the women, what will the point and the motto of Baeba be, who will a Baeba woman be?

More about the Baeba beginnings and the obstacles on our way in the next blog ...